License Administration for Metallic Recovery Reserve

Metallic Recovery Reserve User Agreement

The Metallic Recovery Reserve license is required to configure Metallic Recovery Reserve.

In addition, you must accept the Metallic Terms and Conditions when you add the license. For more information about adding licenses and accepting the user agreement, see Adding a License in the Command Center.

Before configuring Metallic Recovery Reserve, you must accept the Commvault Terms and Conditions. For more information about adding licenses and accepting the terms and conditions, see Adding a License in the Command Center.


If the user agreement was not accepted initially while adding the license, you can reapply the same file again to accept the user agreement.

License Consumption

  • The total storage space is based on the total purchased capacity. If you have configured multiple containers in the storage, the sum of all the containers will be equal to the purchased capacity. The total available free space at the license level is distributed among the libraries based on its usage. This recalculation happens every 24 hours and also whenever any library reaches its allocated capacity.

  • Once you reach the purchased capacity, (or when the capacity reaches 100%) all the backup operations (write operations) will fail. You must purchase additional capacity to resume backup operations.

License Expiration

  • Metallic storage license is based on the leased licensing model and hence subject to an expiration date.

  • The Metallic Recovery Reserve alert will be sent, 60 days before the expiration date to start the renewal process.

  • All write operations will be halted after the expiration date. Data will be available for read operations for an additional 30 days. If the license is not renewed within 30 days, data will be deleted and will no longer be recoverable.

  • All non-permanent Metallic Recovery Reserve licenses appear in the Evaluation Purchased column of the License Summary Report, along with the expiration date.

    For more information about the expiration date, see Viewing the Expiration Date of a License in the Command Center.