Requirements for Application-Based Backups

To support application-based backups, you must ensure that the environment is correctly configured. You must also understand the requirements that apply for each hypervisor and for each supported application.

Workflow Requirements

To perform application-based backups, the workflow engine must be installed with the CommServe system.

Virtual Server Agent (VSA) Proxy

The VSA proxy used for an application-based backup must meet the following requirements:

  • MediaAgent software must be installed.

  • For VMware, the proxy can be a VM or a physical machine.

  • For Hyper-V, the VSA proxy must be a Hyper-V server.


A list of VSA proxies can be configured at the instance or subclient level, with the list of proxies at the subclient taking precedence. Multiple proxies can be added to provide load balancing and failover capabilities. Ensure that all of the proxies that are configured to be available for application-based backups meet these requirements, including the requirements for streaming or IntelliSnap backups.


If the CommServe system has been upgraded to V11, VSA proxies must also be upgraded.