Assigning a Workload Region to an Entity

Workload regions are assigned to clients, such as laptops, during the CommServe software installation. If the location settings are disabled for a client during installation, then workload regions are not assigned to the client. For such clients, you can manually assign a workload region at the CommCell, company, server group, and server entity levels. This enables associated region-based plans to assign a backup destination region close to the assigned workload region. For automatic assignment of a workload region to a client, the Commvault software traverses through the server, server group, company, and CommCell entity hierarchy, and then assigns the region based on the entity that is found first in the hierarchy.


  1. From the navigation pane, go to any of the following:

    • For the CommCell, go to Manage > CommCell.

    • For a company, go to Manage > Company > company.

    • For a server group, go to Manage > Server groups > server group.

    • For a server, go to Manage > Servers > server.

  2. On the Overview tab, in the General section, beside Workload region, click Edit.

  3. From the Workload region list, select the region that you want to assign, and then click the apply button image_Apply_Button.

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