Converting CommCell Console Storage Policies to Command Center Server Plans or Laptop Plans

To convert storage policies to plans, download the Policy to Plan Conversion app from the Commvault Store and install it in the Web Console. This app converts the storage policies that are created in the CommCell Console to server plans or laptop plans that you can access and manage from the Command Center.

It is recommended that you attempt the conversion on a staged CommCell environment before trying it on your production CommCell environment. To try the conversion in a staged CommCell environment, submit a staging request by uploading your CommServe server database dump file (*.dmp) from the staging portal. After creating the staged environment, you will receive an email with the request number. To access the staged environment, email the request number to

After the conversion, existing schedules and schedule policies are dissociated from the workloads and the plan schedules, including schedules for storage policy backups, are in effect.

For more information about the storage policies, see Define Storage and Retention for Backups Using Storage Policies.