Getting Started with Application-Based Backups

The process for configuring and performing application-based backups varies depending on the hypervisor and the applications you are protecting.

Step 1: Before You Begin

  • Identify the hypervisors, backup methods, and applications that can be used for application-based backups.

  • Review all requirements for application-based backups.

    Requirements include general product requirements, source VM configuration, storage considerations, hypervisor considerations, and application requirements.

Step 2: Prepare the Environment

Step 3: Configuration

  • Configure credentials for the hypervisor instance, for a subclient, or for specific VMs.

  • Configure a VSA subclient that identifies the VMs to protect for each application.

    The VM that you must identify in subclient content depends on the application.

Other configuration tasks depend on your requirements.

Step 4: Backup Operations

  • Perform a backup operation for the VSA subclient that identifies VMs that run the applications that you are protecting.

Step 5: Recover Data

  • From the client for the application, perform a restore operation.

    Restore operations are always performed from the application client, not the VSA subclient. The type of data you can recover depends on the application.