Managing Offline Laptops in the CommCell Environment

When a laptop is repurposed, stolen, lost, or discarded, it cannot connect to the Commvault software for scheduled backups and is considered offline.

After the laptop is offline for the number of days you select, the Commvault software uninstalls the laptop package and releases the license automatically. This automated process saves you from manual intervention, ensuring efficient management of your offline laptops.

You can restore the data from the uninstalled laptop for a selected period of time. After the selected period, the Commvault software deletes the laptop and its data.


If the time periods for uninstalling and deleting offline laptops is configured in a laptop plan, then the laptop plan configuration takes precedence over the company configuration. For more information about configuring those time periods in a laptop plan, see Retiring Offline Laptops Associated With a Plan.


  1. From the navigation pane, go to Manage > System.

    The System page appears.

  2. Click the Laptop options tile.

    The Laptop options page appears.

  3. On the Laptop configuration tab, in the Manage offline laptops section, click Edit edit button outline grey/gray pencil.

  4. Update the uninstall and delete settings:

    1. In the Discontinue backups when laptops are offline for box, specify the time after which the offline laptop is uninstalled automatically.

      Additionally, after the specified time elapses, the offline laptops without any associated backup data are deleted. The offline laptops with associated backup data are left deconfigured so their data is available for potential restoration.

    2. In the Data cannot be restored after box, enter the time for retaining the deconfigured laptop.

      After the time elapses, the Commvault software purges the deconfigured laptop's data from the system. Subsequently, you cannot restore the data from such laptops.

Retiring a Laptop or Computer