New Features for Auto Recovery in Commvault Platform Release 2024

Disaster Recovery Is Now Auto Recovery

The Commvault Disaster Recovery (DR) feature is renamed Commvault Auto Recovery.

For more information, see Auto Recovery.

Test Failover for Google Cloud Platform

You can perform test failovers of VMs that are hosted on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to test and optimize recovery readiness.

Use test failovers to recover test VMs to a network of your choice. After the test VMs are up and running in the network, you can perform recovery fire drills to practice and optimize recovery processes. This approach to recovery planning empowers you to respond to unforeseen events and maintain the resilience of your GCP infrastructure.

For more information, see Failover Groups.

Enhancements to Continuous Replication Using VAIO for VMware

Continuous replication using VAIO for VMware in Commvault includes the following enhancements:

  • You can use Linux machines as access nodes.
  • You can share the RP store with access nodes from the Command Center.

For more information, see the following:

Undo Failover for Amazon EC2 Instances

Undo failover support for Amazon EC2 instances reduce the time required to switch from DR to the primary site and enables you to discard changes on the DR VM.

With undo failovers, you can do the following:

  • Conduct audits, validations, and DR drills in the DR site.
  • Simulate DR scenarios to validate recovery readiness and to recover SLAs.
  • Discard changes in the DR site when the recovered data is corrupted.

During a failover operation, you can enable or disable the failover capability. After a failover, integrity snapshots are retained.


The Deploy Virtual Machine during failover option has been deprecated. Now, by default, your virtual machines in the DR site are deployed only during failover for optimizing DR site costs and preventing accidental changes to DR virtual machines.

For more information, see the following: