New Features for Storage in Commvault Platform Release 2024

Support for Power Management for a MediaAgent deployed on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

You can use power management for a MediaAgent deployed on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

For more information, see the following:

Associate a MediaAgent to a Storage Pool

You can associate one or more MediaAgents to a storage pool and define the role for each MediaAgent. You can configure the following roles for a MediaAgent:

  • Storage: Store the backup data of the storage pool.
  • DDB: Host the deduplication database for the storage pool.

For more information, see:
- Associating a MediaAgent to a Disk Storage
- Associating a MediaAgent to a Cloud Storage

Support to Move a Deduplication Database from the Command Center

You can use the Command Center to move a deduplication database to another location on the same MediaAgent or to a different MediaAgent.
For more information, see Moving a Deduplication Database.

Select Storage Copies Based on Workload Region

The region aware storage option enables restore operations to intelligently leverage a storage copy on a plan that is geographically nearest to the destination client computer, which reduces egress costs, improves performance, while also adhering to data sovereignty and GDPR perimeters. Other read operations like synthetic fulls can also take advantage of this optimization to efficiently process the reading and movement of data.

For more information, see Restoring Data Based on Workload Regions.