Options for Conversion to Red Hat Virtualization

When you restore a VM from a different hypervisor to Red Hat Virtualization, provide Red Hat Virtualization values for the restore operation.

Restore Options

  • Type: Select Out of place.

  • Restore as: Select Red Hat Virtualization.

  • Destination: Select the destination hypervisor.

  • Access node Select the VSA proxy for the conversion.

    The proxy must be an instance running in Red Hat Virtualization.

  • VM display name: Enter a name for the converted virtual machine.

  • Cluster: Select the cluster and host that you are restoring to.

  • Storage Domain: Select the cluster's storage domain that you are restoring to.

  • Network: Select the network adapter that you want to attach the converted virtual machine to.

  • Power on VMs after restore: (Optional) Start converted instances automatically after the conversion completes.

  • Unconditionally overwrite if it already exists: (Optional) Delete an existing instance that has the same name and replace it with the restored virtual machine.

  • Disk provisioning: Select the disk allocation type, as follows:

    • Original (same as source)

    • Pre-allocated

    • Thin provisioning