Using Region-Based Backups for SAP HANA System Replication

In an SAP HANA system replication setup, if the primary and secondary nodes are located in different workload regions, you can configure the backups to use the storage which is local to the current primary (source) node workload region. Using a region-based plan avoids data transfer over a WAN and enables faster backups and restores.

When the backup job starts from an SAP HANA client, it uses the storage belonging to the workload region defined for the SAP HANA client. If the primary node fails, the secondary node replication client becomes the primary node and takes over the backup operation. In this case, the backup job automatically considers the storage that is defined in the plan based on the workload region.

When a multi-region server plan is assigned to an SAP HANA non-replication instance, the backup job will automatically select the storage based on the workload region defined for the server.

Before You Begin

Create a multi-region server plan.


  1. Assign workload region to both the SAP HANA Clients.

  2. Create a Pseudo Client and assign the server plan to it.