Installing the Installation Package on Tenant Computers

To protect your computers with the backup services offered by the service provider, you must install the installation package on each of the desktops and laptop computers that you want to protect.

Before You Begin

Download the installation package from the Web Console. For instructions, see Downloading the Installation Package for Tenant Computers.

If you plan to manage your backups using you own storage, then you must also download and install an additional installation package that includes the MediaAgent and the File System and Virtualization Agents.


  • On Windows and Mac Computers

    1. Double-click the executable file (.exe for Windows and .pkg for Mac) and follow the instructions in the installation wizard.

      When the installation finishes, the Process Manager dialog box appears.

    2. Register the computer with the service provider using the Edge Monitor application.

      For instructions, see Interactive End-User Edge Monitor Activation.

      Note: When you are prompted for a user name and a password, make sure to enter your tenant account details.

  • On UNIX Computers

    1. Extract the files of the tar file using following command:

      tar -xvf tar_file

    2. Go to the location where you extracted the contents.

      For example, /opt/UnixCustomPackage/pkg.

    3. To install the package, run the following command:

      ./silent_install -p default
    4. Register the computer with the service provider using the command line.

      For instructions, Registering the Client Using the Command Line.


Your computer is registered with the service provider. You can now back up the computer. For more information, see Tenant Operations.