Support for Data Domain Boost Client

MediaAgent Support

Data Domain Boost Client can be configured using MediaAgents in Linux and Windows operating systems (64-bit).

Feature Support

  • The Data Domain Boost Client supports all the operations available in a Disk Library.


  • One mount path per library is supported.
  • Move mount path is not supported.
  • As the options for deduplication and data encryption are provided in the device, these options are not available in the Storage Policy Copy associated with a Data Domain Boost library.
  • Data Immutability is supported for Data Domain Boost libraries using the Dell Retention Lock feature of the device, see Enabling WORM Storage Lock on Data Domain Boost Storage Library.

The following information on copies must be noted:

  • Source side deduplication is supported using the Storage Accelerator or MediaAgent packages.
  • Auxiliary copy uses the DD Boost File Copy API to copy data. (Auxiliary copy to another Data Domain, tape and/or disk media is supported.)
  • Synthetic full backups uses the DD Boost Copy / Clone APIs to copy data without reading data back to the MediaAgent.
  • Data multiplexing is not supported and should not be enabled.
  • Inline Copies and Parallel copies are not supported.
  • Install the MediaAgent package to get the Storage Acceleration functionality.