Accessing Reports on the Cloud Services Portal

View the most critical information gathered from your CommCell environments in the dashboards and reports on the Cloud Services Portal.

Use this information to monitor the performance of your entire CommCell environment from a single location. Information is available at the Worldwide, CommCell, and CommCell Group levels for many reports.

Before You Begin

Verify that data collection for Cloud Metrics Reporting is enabled on each CommServe computer. For instructions on enabling data collection for this report, see Activating Cloud Metrics Reports.


  1. Log on to the Cloud Services Portal.

  2. Click Reports.

    The Reports page appears.

  3. View reports at the Worldwide, CommCell, or CommCell Group level:

    • To view Worldwide level reports, click the name of the report.

    • To view CommCell level reports, from the navigation pane, click CommCells > CommCell Name, and then click Reports.

      The CommCell Reports page appears.