Active Directory

The Active Directory application is a solution that provides granular backup and restore of individual Active Directory objects and their attributes. The Active Directory application along with the Windows File Agent provides complete data protection for a domain controller and objects in a domain, that includes the LDS/ADAM objects and attributes.

To get started quickly, you can perform simple configuration of Active Directory servers in a few minutes, then run backups immediately. You can initiate backups and restores, get information about data protection, and manage jobs, schedules, alerts, events, and users.

If the Active Directory application is not displayed when you open the Command Center, select Solutions > Apps > Active Directory from the navigation pane. This option is only available after you have completed the setup for Active Directory application.

Key Features

  • You can restore objects or attributes to a working domain controller.

  • You can also restore deleted objects or deleted attributes to a domain controller.

  • It is not necessary to reboot your domain controller into Directory Restore Services Mode (DSRM) and take it offline in order to restore objects.

  • You do not need to take your domain controller offline in order to perform restores, and you do not need to run ntdsutil commands manually.

  • You can view the list of failed items using the job summary report.