Configuration for Live Sync I/O

Live Sync I/O requires configuration for the source and destination sites.

To configure Live Sync I/O, perform the following tasks:

  • Deploy VSA proxies at the source and destination sites.

  • Configure VMware hypervisors for the source and destination sites.


    The vCenter user account specified for the VMware hypervisors must have administrator privileges that permit the account to install or update VAIO filters, create or update VMware storage policies and attach those storage policies to VMs, and to modify the configuration of destination VMs.

  • Install VAIO filters at the source and destination sites.

  • Configure a Recovery Point Store (RP Store) on the destination site.

    An RP Store is required to support granular recovery.

  • Configure a replication target for the destination site.

  • Configure a replication group for Live Sync I/O.


If VM-centric operations using Indexing Version 2 are enabled for a hypervisor, and a VM that is configured for Live Sync I/O has been backed up previously with retention settings that specify aging after a single backup cycle, then the previous backup ages when the VM is included in Live Sync I/O operations, and the older backup is no longer available for restores.