Creating a Base Plan

Applies To: Laptop plans and Server plans

Create a base plan to act as a template to use when you create additional plans. The plans created from base plans are called derived plans.

When a plan is derived from a base plan, changes to the base plan also change the derived plan for options that are inherited. For example, if you change the RPO (recovery point objective) from 4 hours to 10 hours in a base plan, the RPOs for all of the plans inheriting RPO from that base plan are changed to 10 hours.


  1. Follow the instructions for the type of plan you want to create:

  2. Remain in the Create plan_type Plan dialog box.

  3. Under Override restrictions, select the Allow plan to be overridden check box.

    Depending on the plan type, the following options become available: Storage pool, RPO, and Backup content.

  4. For each option, define how the base plan will interact with plans derived from it:

    • Override required: Plans derived from this base plan do not inherit the base plan values and must have its individual values.

    • Override optional: Plans derived from this base plan can either inherit the base plan values or have different values.

    • Override not allowed: Plans derived from this base plan must inherit the base plan values.

  5. Click Save.


On the plan details page, under Override restrictions, the options and the override settings you chose are listed.

What to Do Next

Create a plan from the base plan.