Getting Started with Exchange Mailbox

This topic describes the high-level steps that first-time users must follow to set up the Exchange Mailbox application in the Command Center.

Step 1: Prepare Your Environment

Perform the prerequisite tasks to prepare your environment.

Step 2: Install the Index Server

Install the Index Server package and configure the index server.

Step 3: Install the Commvault Package

The Commvault package must be installed to protect and manage your data. If the package has not been installed by your backup administrator, you must install the package by following the steps in Installing the Commvault Package.

Step 4: Obtain Your User Credentials

Obtain the following information from your backup administrator:

  • The Command Center URL

  • Your Command Center user credentials

Step 5: Log On to the Command Center

Access the Command Center using the URL that was provided by the administrator.

Step 6: Complete the Core Setup Wizard or Register the Command Center

Configure core information by completing the Core Setup Wizard.

Step 7: Configure the Server with the Exchange Package

Install the Exchange package on on-premises servers and access nodes.


Install greater than or equal to 4.6 Net Framework on ContentStore mail server access node.

Step 8: Complete the Exchange Mailbox Application Setup Wizard

Create an Exchange Mailbox server by completing the Setup Wizard.

Step 9: Configure the Subclient

Associate mailboxes with the subclient and perform any other required configurations.

Step 10: Run Your First Data Protection Operations