Managing Source VM Configuration Changes

Configuration changes and disk changes for source VMs are detected automatically.


After making configuration changes for source VMs and restarting replication, existing recovery points and snapshots are discarded, and replication resumes from the new starting point.

Any of the following configuration changes require a restart of replication:

  • Disk size changes are detected and replicated.

  • Removal of a disk is detected and replicated.

  • When adding a disk, take one of the following actions to ensure that the new disk is replicated:

    • Stop replication for the source VM, add the disk, and restart replication.

    • When adding a disk in vSphere, attach the vSphere BLRH storage policy CVTBLRH to the disk.

  • Other VM configuration changes such as changes to memory, CPUs, and network adapters are not replicated to destination VMs. If needed, you can apply configuration changes to destination VMs after replication.