Monitoring Replication

From the Live Sync I/O Monitor, you can check the status of replication and perform operations for each replication pair.


  1. From the navigation pane, go to Monitoring > Live Sync I/O Monitor.

    The Live Sync I/O monitor page displays information for each replication pair.

  2. In the Actions column for a replication pair, click the action button action_button to perform an operation for the replication pair. You can select one of the following options:

    • Resync: Reapply updates from the source VM to the destination VM.

    • Stop: Stop replication for the virtual machine.


      If you stop replication, existing recovery points are discarded when you restart replication.

    • Start: Restart replication after it has been stopped.

    • Suspend: Pause replication.

    • Resume: Continue a replication operation that was suspended.

    • Edit recovery options: Modify the recovery settings for the replication pair.

    • Delete pair: Remove the replication pair from the monitor and the replication group.

      The destination VM is not removed when you delete the replication pair.

    • Create test boot: Temporarily start the destination VM.

    • Create permanent boot: Start the destination VM and keep it available for continued operation.