Oracle Cloud Classic Restores

From Oracle Cloud Classic backups, you can restore guest files or full instances.


Oracle Cloud Classic storage volumes can be up to 2 TB, and a maximum of 10 storage volumes can be attached to each instance. For backups and restores, volumes for an instance are attached to the VSA proxy, and the limit on the number of volumes applies to the total number of volumes for the proxy and the instance being backed up or restored.

Restore Process

  1. Read volume information from the instance backup.

  2. Create volumes and attach them to the VSA proxy.

  3. Restore data received from the MediaAgent into the attached volumes, and then detach the volumes from the VSA proxy.

  4. Mark the OS disk as bootable.

  5. Read the orchestration JSON file and use the options specified for the restore to create an instance using the Oracle Launch API.


The Oracle Launch API does not create orchestration entries for restored instances or instances created during application migration to Oracle Cloud Classic. As a result, you cannot shut down such instances from the Oracle Cloud Classic interface.