Replication Target Options for Amazon

When you configure a replication target for Amazon, provide Amazon-specific values for the destination site.

General Options

  • Select type: Select Amazon.

  • Replication target: Enter a descriptive name for the replication (for example, DR site 1).

  • Destination hypervisor: Select a hypervisor to manage the replicated VMs.

  • Access Node: Select a proxy to perform the replication.

  • Instance display name: Select Prefix or Suffix, and then enter a string that will be appended to source instances to create the display name for each destination instance.

  • Availability zone: Select the destination zone.

  • Network: Select a network interface for the destination instances.

  • Auto select security group: To specify a specific security group, clear this selection and, from the Security groups list, select a security group for the destination instances.

  • Amazon buckets: From this list, select a bucket for the instance volumes. Buckets are logical containers that provide secure access to objects (such as instance volumes).

  • Auto select instance type: To specify a specific instance type, clear this selection and from the Instance type list, select an instance type that provides the available CPU cores and memory for the instance.

Creating a Replication Target