Replication Target Options for Hyper-V

When you configure a replication target for Hyper-V, provide Hyper-V specific values for the destination site.

General Options

  • Select type: Select Microsoft Hyper-V.

  • Replication target: Enter a descriptive name for the replication (for example, DR site 1).

  • Destination hypervisor: Select a hypervisor to manage the replicated VMs.

  • Access Node: Select a proxy to perform the replication.

  • Default restore location: To restore to a location other than the Hyper-V default folder, clear this option and browse to select a location for the Destination folder box.

  • VM display name: Select Prefix or Suffix, and then enter a string that will be appended to source VMs to create the display name for each destination VM.

  • Network settings: Select a network interface from the Network adapter list.

Creating a Replication Target