Running Jobs from the RMAN Prompt Using the Oracle Agentless Plugin

Backup and restore jobs can include the parameters which are supported on the RMAN command line to back up or restore files such as control files, parameter files (SP files), and individual datafiles.

Commvault supports the following RMAN backups:

  • Full backups

  • Incremental backups

  • Archive Log backups

  • Flash Recovery Area backups

  • Multi Stream backups

  • Clustered environment backups

Commvault supports the following RMAN restores:

  • Full database restores

  • Control file restores

  • Secondary copy restores

  • Multiple stream restores

  • Tablespace restores to a point-in-time

  • Tablespace restores to a specified subclient

  • Database recoveries after you perform an application-free restore

  • Redirected restores using SET NEWNAME