Setting Up the Oracle Agentless Plugin

Determine the locations of the necessary folders and extract the Oracle agentless plugin files on the Oracle database server.

Before You Begin

  • The database server must be reachable from the backup host (also known as the backup proxy). The backup host is the machine on which the backup to the media occurs.

  • The File System agent must be installed on the backup host.


  1. Log onto the Oracle database server.

  2. Create the three folders listed in the following table, or determine if you will use an existing folder instead. Each folder must have read/write access permissions for the oracle user.

    Folder contents


    Oracle agentless plugin

    An existing location can also be used.


    Commvault client logs

    If a location is not specified in RMAN commands, defaults to the Oracle database trace file location.


    RMAN scripts, for example, backup and restore scripts

    An existing location can also be used.


  3. Download the tar.gz file for your operating system from the Commvault Store.

  4. Copy the tar file to the Oracle agentless plugin folder on the Oracle database server. The location is specified in the preceding table.

  5. On the command line, type the following commands to untar the wrapper tar.gz file.

    cd <agentless_plugin_folder>tar -xvf $PWD/<OS_Plugin_name>.tar.gz

    The libcvobk library and its dependencies are extracted:

What to Do Next

Configure the pseudoclient. For more information, see Adding a Database Server for the Oracle Agentless Pseudoclient.