Agents - OES File System

Configurable Properties

Once installed, the agent is configured and is therefore able to manage the data on the client computer. However, you can change certain aspects of the configuration (e.g., client computer, backup sets, and so on.) to manage the data in the manner that best suits your needs. Depending on the agent, you can view or change the agent configuration from the tabs that are available for that agent in the Properties dialog box.

Activity Control

You can enable or disable all operations for this CommCell object and all objects below it. For more information, see Activity Control.

Assigning a Filter Storage Policy for Delete Data Using the CommCell Console

A filter storage policy must be assigned to the agent for Deleting Data Using the CommCell Console operations. The purpose of the filter storage policy is to tell the system which media will be used to store the index filter information and how long to retain it. If one is not assigned at the time a Delete Data Using the CommCell Console job is run, the system will display a message reminding you that no filter storage policy has been defined. For step-by-step instructions, see Deleting Data Using the CommCell Console.

Converting to a Full Backup on Indexing Failures

For all agents that support the Index tab, with some caveats and considerations identified later in this section, you can convert a non-full backup to a full backup and thereby create a new index if the index is irretrievable. For Notes Database, this option pertains only to incremental backups. For Notes Document, this option pertains only to incremental and differential backups.


You can perform the following functions:

  • Identify the users, user groups, and roles associated with this entity.

  • Associate this entity with users, user groups, and roles.

  • Disassociate this entity from users, user groups, and roles.

For more information, see User Administration and Security - Overview.


The Version tab displays the software version and post-release service packs and updates installed for the component. See Version for an overview.