Archiving Rules

Archiving rules specify the criteria for the type of data to be archived. For a file to get archived, it has to meet all of these rules or criteria. You can configure the following archiving rules:

  • File access time

  • File modified time

  • File created time (Applicable to Windows File System only)

  • File size

You can use the File Level Analytics Report to determine the values that need to be specified while configuring the Archiving Rules.

Starting from Feature Release 19, you cannot see the Archiving Rules tab on a new File System subclient. However, If you enabled the archiving rules in a previous service pack, you can see the Archiving Rules tab on the Subclient Properties dialog box.

The changes do not apply in the following situation:

  • Clients that use Indexing version 1.

  • Subclients that are a part of an archive set.

  • Subclient Policies

  • Backup sets that are associated to the subclient policy