Basic CommCell Console Elements

The CommCell Console ribbon and tabs provide access to CommCell Management operations and administrative tasks. Many of these operations are also accessible by right-clicking a job, event, or entity within its respective window. You can navigate through any open CommCell Console windows by using the standard window functions or by using the ctrl+tab keyboard function.


The ribbon, located at the top of the CommCell Console, provides access to features and administrative options available for the CommCell.


On the tabs there are graphical icons for quick access to commonly used CommCell Console menu bar functionalities, for example, Help topics, the Control Panel window, and the Job Controller window. Available tabs:

  • Home

    Key icons on the Home tab:

    • Job Controller

      The Job Controller window displays all the current jobs in the CommCell environment. A status bar at the bottom of the job controller shows the total amount of jobs; the number of jobs that are running, pending, waiting, queued and suspended; and the high and low watermarks. The watermarks indicate the minimum and maximum number of streams that the Job Manager can use simultaneously.

    • Event Viewer

      The Event Viewer window the activities that are occurring within the CommCell. This information is useful for monitoring and troubleshooting.

    • Getting Started

      The Getting Started window is a wizard that walks you through setting up your CommCell environment.

    • Web Console and Command Center links

  • Tools

  • Storage

  • Configuration

  • Reports

  • View

  • Support

The navigation pane has two tabs: Content tab and Summary tab.

Content Tab

This tab displays a list of entities that belong to the selected CommCell entity.

For example: When you select Client Computers from the CommCell Browser, the Content tab lists all of the clients connected to the CommServe.

You can use this tab to access any CommCell entity.

Summary Tab

This tab displays properties of the selected CommCell entity.

For example: When you select Client Computers, the Summary tab displays the agent-specific classification for all of the clients connected to the CommServe.

CommCell Browser

The CommCell Browser displays the following CommCell entities, as well as the administrative and operational tasks associated with them, in a hierarchical tree structure:

Agents View

The Agents view is an alternative to the CommCell Browser. The Agents view displays all the agents currently configured within the CommCell.

Entity Windows

The entity window provides quick access to each entity in the CommCell Browser. To open the entity window, click the CommServe node or the CommCell icon on the Home tab.

Most entity windows for individual entities have the following tabs in the bottom left:

  • Content tab: This tab is the default tab in the entity window when an individual entity is selected in the CommCell Browser. The Content tab displays the entities or objects that are below the entity you select. For example, if you select a client computer group, the clients in the group are displayed in the Content tab.

  • Summary tab: This tab displays details about the entity you select. For example, for a MediaAgent, the Summary tab displays the MediaAgent status, the number of libraries, operating system information, and more.

  • Extended Summary tab: If you enable it, this tab is available on the client and client computer group windows. This tab displays more detail than the Summary tab. To enable the Extended Summary tab, see Viewing the Extended Summary Tab.