Basic Setup for VMware Backup and Recovery

After deploying Virtual Server Agent (VSA) proxies, you can perform basic configuration to customize your backup and restore operations.

  1. You must create a virtualization client for the vCenter. If you have multiple vCenters, create a virtualization client for each.

  2. Unless you want all virtual machines for the vCenter to be covered by the default subclient, create additional user-defined subclients that identify groups of virtual machines to back up.

    See Modifying a Subclient for the most important options that you can configure for a subclient.

    Subclient options enable you to create a client group for each subclient or to identify VM owners automatically.

  3. Define rules to discover virtual machines automatically.

  4. Define filters to exclude virtual machines based on various criteria.

  5. You might want to identify VSA proxies at the subclient level if different subclients have different backup requirements.