Commvault Software Capabilities

The Commvault software platform delivers the unparalleled advantage and benefits of a truly holistic approach to data and information management. Within the platform, tightly integrated, powerful software delivers functionality throughout your physical and virtual environments to protect and recover data, manage costs and complexity, and gain better insight into your information.

Backup and Recovery

The software provides seamless and efficient backup and restore of data and information in your enterprise from most mainstream operating systems, databases, and applications. The backup and recovery system uses agents to interface with file systems and applications to facilitate the transfer of data from production systems to the protected environment. Data protection is available in three areas:

  • File Systems

  • Applications

  • Databases

For more information about using the available backup agents, see Backup Agents.


Using data archiving, you can retain, store, classify, and access information according to its business, compliance, or evidentiary value with one method of access and preservation across all ESI (Electronically Stored Information).

  • The Archiving solution is a converged process for backup, archive, and reporting. It incorporates both the backup and archive processes in a single, low-impact data collection operation, moving data to secondary storage where the data functions as both a backup and archive copy. This can solve massive file and email growth problems with zero footprint archiving and no additional overhead, while managing the retention and storage of content based on its value to the business.

  • Database archive agents securely archive inactive data to both an archiving database and backup media, and providing seamless access to the archived data from the production database.

  • Classic archive agents move infrequently used mailbox items from primary to secondary storage to optimize storage space, and provide lower cost long term data retention.

For more information about using the available archive agents, see Archive Agents.

Virtual Machine Integration

Virtualization demands a data management solution that is aware of dynamic workloads, consolidated resources, and cloud-based computing models. The software is built with this in mind to let you virtualize even the most demanding applications, leveraging deep integration into the virtual infrastructure to deliver advanced data management capabilities and automate the protection of VMs. The software protects all of your VMs quickly and unifies the data protection of physical and virtual environments. In addition, you can optimize recovery and retention of files, virtual machines, and virtualized applications. Policy-based auto-protection of virtual machines ensures that no VM will be unprotected.

For more information about available solutions for virtualized environments, see Virtualization.

Snapshot Management

IntelliSnap technology integrates the complex lifecycle of snapshot management seamlessly into the software framework. This integrated approach makes it quicker, easier, and more affordable to harness the power of multiple vendor array-based snapshots, accelerating backup and recovery of applications, systems, virtual machines, and data. IntelliSnap automates the creation of application-aware hardware snapshot copies across a multi-vendor storage environment, and catalogs snapshot data to simplify the recovery of individual files without the need for a collection of scripts and disparate snapshot, backup, and recovery tools.

For more information, see Snapshot Management.

Endpoint Solutions

Endpoint Solutions offer data protection, security, access from anywhere, and search capabilities for end users, to protect against data breaches and increase productivity while providing self-service capabilities. End users have immediate access to their files, regardless of where they create them, and can securely share, search, and restore files using their own mobile, desktop and laptop devices, without assistance. Endpoint Solutions provide global access to distributed files and documents without using third-party file sharing and cloud backup services, which are outside the security and control of corporate IT.

For more details about the array of features provided by Endpoint Solutions, see Edge Endpoint Solutions Overview.

Security and Encryption

The software securely protects data and information - whether it's on premises, at the edge, or in the cloud. Security is baked in to the platform to secure data on desktops or laptops, in the office or on the road, at rest or in flight, utilizing efficient encryption, granular and customizable access controls for content and operations, role-based security, single sign-on, alerting, and audit trails to keep your information secure. Protected data is efficiently stored in ContentStore—the virtual repository of all managed information. This security will reduce privacy breaches and exposure events, and reduce costs by efficiently securing stored data.

Commvault was one of the first data and information management vendors certified for the U.S. DoD/Canadian DND FIPS encryption accreditation for information security.

For more information about security features, see the following:


The integrated deduplication feature reduces backup times while saving on storage and network resources by identifying and eliminating duplicate blocks of data during backups. All data types from Windows, Linux, and UNIX operating systems are deduplicated before moving the data to secondary storage, reducing the time and bandwidth required to move data by up to 90 percent, reducing the space required for storage, and reducing the time required to restore data. Deploy deduplication where it makes the most sense: at the source, on the target, or both. Deduplicated data is to tape for long-term storage that uses dramatically fewer tape cartridges. Extend deduplication benefits to disaster recovery by moving deduplicated copies of data to off-site or cloud storage.

For more information about data deduplication, see Deduplication - Overview.

Reporting and Insight

Access to actionable information is critical to informed decision-making and operational excellence. The software has robust, built-in reporting analytics, with deep operational reporting integrated with data management operations, eliminating the need for third-party reporting tools. Global, web-based reporting provides a rich understanding of operations with deep views into data, usage and environmental characteristics, business intelligence for infrastructure cost planning, and simplified compliance audits. Live instrumentation and dashboard views provide summary and analytic views of utilization, success rates, and a host of other parameters designed to simplify data management, while historical operations data is available for regular status reporting, trend analysis and best practice comparison to achieve operational excellence. And, yes, there's an app for that! Install the Commvault NOW app on your smart device to view reports and event details, and even monitor and manage jobs in the CommCell.

Many reports are available, each tailored to a particular aspect of data management. Through filter criteria, you can customize each report to include only the data that is required. Report templates can be customized and are available to you to save, run, schedule, edit, and view.

For more information about the available reporting capabilities, see Reports Overview.

The CV Search Engine locates information in the your organization's data, and provides an intuitive interface for entering, categorizing, and retrieving information in compliance with security and data retention regulations. Because the search involves both the content of documents as well as metadata, you can find the single document most relevant to your specific goal. The engine provides ready to use faceted search results, organized by date, content type (HTML, PDF, Word etc), data source, modification time, email fields, etc. It provides the ability to index data and allow search and eDiscovery across repositories that contain electronically stored information (ESI) (including email and text) across operational systems, archives and media, and data stored in centralized corporate servers, file shares, and desktops.

For more information on search capabilities, see Search - Overview.


Discover meaningful insights and unleash your data's full potential with our analytics software. Analyze your data to gain insight to the underlying processes and meaningful patterns to gain a business advantage. The software provides data analytics to view statistical information about your data, web analytics to improve the usability and the content of a website or application, and data connectors to collect the information residing in various data repositories throughout your enterprise.

For more information on available analytic capabilities, see Data Analytics.

Commvault Backup Appliance

Commvault offers several purpose-build backup appliances (PBBAs) to simplify data protection and management by combining storage hardware with backup and recovery software in a single, integrated package. You can easily combine multiple appliances to extend your environment as you grow, without the need to reconfigure your whole storage environment.

For more information, see Backup Appliances.


Replicate data from a source computer to a destination computer in near real-time by logging all file write activity to a replication log in the source computer, transferring it to the destination computer, and replaying it, thus ensuring that the destination remains a nearly real-time replica of the source. For more information about data replication, see Overview - ContinuousDataReplicator.

Replicate production SQL or MySQL databases to alternate servers, thus minimizing down time in cases where the production database server has failed. For more information, see Hot Standby Server Restore - SQL Agent or Replication Using Warm Database Restore - MySQL Agent.

Disaster Recovery

The potential impact of application outages and data loss can be staggering. That is why disaster recovery is among the most vital of operations for every enterprise that requires the agility and availability to handle unplanned outages caused by anything from intrusions to unforeseen natural events. The software dramatically simplifies business continuity and disaster recovery operations with an integrated, flexible, and efficient platform that improves business resiliency while reducing costs and the risks of data loss. However, disaster recovery must be carefully considered long before the need actually arises, so that appropriate strategies are in place to streamline the recovery process, in the event of a disaster. These might include:

  • Integrating deduplication into data protection operations, to decrease the amount of data that must be recovered in a disaster

  • Cutting the cost of disaster recovery and reducing recovery times with DASH Copy, to efficiently and quickly replicate deduplicated backup copies to secondary sites or cloud infrastructures

  • Improving business continuity with integrated array-based replication of production data to a disaster recovery site

  • Seamlessly extending offsite disaster recovery with deep cloud storage integration

  • Using Virtualize Me to leverage your virtual environment for rapid disaster recovery scenario testing at the click of a button

  • Use Live Sync to create and maintain warm recovery sites for virtual machines running critical business applications

For more information about recovering from disaster, see CommCell Disaster Recovery.

Cloud Services

Commvault Store is an online store available in the Cloud Services site where you can download the software installer, service packs, hot fixes, reports, limited distribution tools, and workflows. In addition, several software tools are hosted on our cloud site. For more information, see Cloud Services.


Customized data management solutions are available to fit the unique needs of your enterprise.

  • FlexFrame

  • Managed Backup Services

  • Medical Imaging

  • SAP Solutions

  • Big Data Solutions - MongoDB

  • Epic Database Solution

  • And more

For more information, see Solutions.