Downloading the Software Needed to Setup Distributed Storages

You can download the software needed to setup Distributed Storages from the Commvault Store.


  1. Download the Operating system (OS) that you plan to install on the Distributed Storages. For information about the OS distribution and the minimal version for the Hedvig Storage Servers, see Prerequisites For Distributed Storages.

  2. Download the Commvault and Hedvig software from Commvault Store on the Cloud Services web site.


    You must have a user account on the Cloud Services website. To create a user account, register your CommServe computer. If you already have a user account, you still might need to register your CommServe computer. For instructions, see Register Your Product.

    1. On the login page, type your login credentials and then click Login.

      Commvault Store appears and lists the items available for download.


      If you are not redirected to Commvault Store, click Store on the My Applications page in Web Console.

    2. Click HEDVIG, on the left side of the page.

      Download the following packages. (For information about the supported versions, see Prerequisites For Distributed Storages.)

      Package Description


      Latest Hedvig Release package

      Hedvig Release

      One of the following Hedvig Proxy Deployment package, based on your environment

      Deployment package for Linux KVM

      Hedvig Deployment KVM Image

      Deployment package for VMware

      Hedvig Deployment ESX Image

      Deployment package for Hyper-V

      Hedvig Proxy Hyperv Image

      OPTIONAL: If you want to have a virtualized Hedvig Proxy, then download a Proxy package, based on your environment

      Proxy package for Linux KVM

      Hedvig Proxy KVM Image

      Proxy package for VMware

      Hedvig Proxy ESX Image

      Proxy package for Hyper-V

      Hedvig Deployment Hyperv Image

Additional Notes

To setup and configure the Distributed Storages from Window's machines, you will require PuTTY and WinSCP. Make sure to download and install these software before you start.