Creating Instance Filters for Amazon

To exclude specific instances from backup operations, you can create a filter for VM group contents.


  1. From the navigation pane, go to Protect > Virtualization.

    The Virtual machines page appears.

  2. On the Hypervisors tab, click the hypervisor.

    The hypervisor page appears.

  3. Under VM groups, click the VM group to filter.

    The VM group page appears.

  4. In the Content section, click Manage.

    The VM group content dialog box appears.

  5. To add filters by browsing, click Add virtual machines.

    The Add instances dialog box appears.

  6. In the Add virtual machines page, select a browse method for the Browse and select instances list, and then expand the tree below the list to select content for the VM group, or to clear previous selections.

    You can select a view from the list to control the browse display.

  7. Click OK after selecting VMs or other objects.

  8. To exclude virtual machines based on different criteria, click Add filter rule and then provide information for the rule.

    For information about filtering instances and configuring rules to automatically discover instances, see Views and Rule Options for VM Groups.

  9. Click OK.