Adding Block Virtual Disks as LUNs to Storage Proxies

Before you can add access to a LUN over iSCSI, you must add a LUN to the block virtual disk, and you must also map the LUN to storage proxy.


  1. To add a block virtual disk as a LUN to a Hedvig Storage Proxy, on the Virtual Disk Management (VDM) page, click the ellipsis (...) to the left of the desired virtual disk, and select Manage LUNs.

    Adding LUNs

  2. Select the Add LUN tab:

    1. Select the Hedvig Storage Proxy from the Host name pulldown list. You can select multiple storage proxies, if desired.

    2. Select Read Only, if appropriate. Typically, you would set this up on a LUN that already has data, so the data can be read, but not modified.

      Adding LUNs (2)

    3. Click Add LUN to add the LUN to the storage proxy.

      Adding LUNs (3)

  3. Add access to the client, which is described in Access for Block and NFS Virtual Disks.