CHAP Accounts for Block Virtual Disks

You can set up CHAP (Challenge-Handshake Authentication Protocol) accounts for block virtual disks.

Here is the recommended workflow:

  • For the block virtual disk (using the Hedvig WebUI):

    • Create a block virtual disk with the required parameters.

    • Add this block virtual disk as a LUN to the iSCSI target.

    • Add initiator access to this block virtual disk using the initiator's IP or IQN.

  • For the iSCSI target:

    • Create a user account on the iSCSI target. This account is the username/password that the initiator will use for CHAP. The username and password length must be a minimum of 12 characters and a maximum of 16 characters.

    • Bind this user account with the LUN corresponding to this virtual disk.


Only initiators whose IP/IQN is in the access list can connect to the iSCSI volume via CHAP. To allow an initiator to access the iSCSI volume if it passes CHAP, you can modify the initiator.