Cloning Snapshots of Block Virtual Disks

Clones leverage metadata-only for instantaneous and space-efficient operations. A clone is treated as another virtual disk, except that you cannot make a snapshot of a clone, or a clone of a clone.


  1. On the Virtual Disk Management (VDM) page, click the ellipsis (...) to the left of the desired block virtual disk, and select Snapshots. A list of snapshot(s) belonging to the block virtual disk is displayed.

  2. In the Snapshots dialog, identify the snapshot you want to clone, click the ellipsis (...) to its left, and select Clone.

  3. Complete the Clone Disk from Snapshot dialog.


    For details on all of the options, see the table in Creating Virtual Disks.

    Cloning snapshots of block virtual disks

  4. Select Run to create the clone.