Deploying Hedvig Storage Clusters to AWS Instances

To deploy a Hedvig Storage Cluster for AWS, use the Ansible configuration file and AWS instances.


  1. If needed, based on Hedvig input, edit the Ansible configuration file (<cluster_name>.ansi), and copy the edited file and the AWS map file to the deployment server.

    The deployment server IP address is the internal VPC address of the node and should be accessible over VPN from the computer running managecloud. If it is not accessible, the scp must be done to the public IP address of the deployment server.

    scp <cluster_name>.ansi root@<deploy_node>:/home/admin/

    scp root@<deploy_node>:/home/admin

  2. Login to the deployment server as root/hedvig and then become the admin user.

    su - admin
  3. To launch the Hedvig Storage Cluster deployment, run:


    Options for the /opt/hedvig/bin/hv_deploy command take two dashes (--).

    /opt/hedvig/bin/hv_deploy --deploy_new_cluster /home/admin/<cluster_name>.ansi

    When deployment is complete, the Hedvig Storage Cluster is ready for use.


    If you need to rerun the /opt/hedvig/bin/hv_deploy command, remove the following file (from the /home directory):


Launching AWS Instances for AWS Setup