Hedvig-supported AWS CLI Reference

This section is organized as follows:

Operations on Buckets

Operations on Objects

Multipart Operations

Note (applies to all operations):

  • The Usage section shows the required parameters. The Supported Options section lists all Hedvig-supported parameters.

  • Two options are common to most operations. For more information about these options, see Hedvig S3 Endpoint Connection.

    • --endpoint

    • --profile

  • For ACL related commands:

    • You can grant access to users using id=<hedvigusername> for specific users.

      • --acl is used for canned ACLs with predetermined permission sets, for example: public-read, private, etc.

      • --grant-<read/write/acp> is used for for granting access, for example: --grant-read 'id=testuser1,id=testuser2'

      • --access-control-policy is used for defining access to the system using policy language.

    • Predefined groups, all users, and authenticated users are supported.

    • In operations with both a canned ACL and a grant ACL, the operation exclusively takes the canned ACL or the grant ACL. Mixed usage is ignored.