Managing Tags for Virtual Disks

You can add, remove, and display up to 10 tags for each virtual disk. Tags allow you to associate a virtual disk with specific keywords, for example, certain areas of your company.


  1. On the Virtual Disk Management (VDM) page, click the ellipsis (...) to the left of the desired virtual disk, and select Tags.

    Managing Tags for Virtual Disks (1)

  2. In the Manage Tags dialog, add up to 10 tags, and select Save Tags. Use the plus sign (+) to add more rows.

    Managing Tags for Virtual Disks (5)

  3. To show all tags for a virtual disk, select Tags again for that virtual disk.

  4. To remove a tag(s) for a virtual disk, click the trash can (Managing Tags for Virtual Disks (6)) next to the tag(s) you want to remove, and select Save Tags.


    If you only select the trash can (but do not select Save Tags) and then close the dialog, the tag will not be removed.

    Managing Tags for Virtual Disks (9)