Puts an ACL with a specified object.


put-object-acl --bucket <value> --key <value>

Supported Options

bucket: Bucket name
--acl <value>: The Access Control List (ACL) lets you manage access to buckets and objects.
  <value> specifies the following Hedvig-supported options:
    private: Object owner permission only
    public-read: Read permission by any user
    public-read-write: Read and write permission by any user
    authenticated-read: Read permission by authenticated users
    bucket-owner-read: Read permission by bucket owner
    bucket-owner-full-control: Full control by bucket owner
--access-control-policy: access control policy, for example,
   --access-control-policy '{"Grants": [ { "Grantee": {  "ID": "testuser2", "Type": "Group"}, "Permission":"FULL_CONTROL"  } ] }'
--content-md5: Object MD5
--grant-full-control: Grants full control to user
--grant-read: Grants read permission to user
--grant-read-acp: Grants read ACP to user
--grant-write-acp: Grants write ACP to user
--key: Object name
--version-id: Version id for versioned object


aws s3api put-object-acl --endpoint http://<hostname>:<port_number> --profile testuser1 --bucket example_bucket --key example_object --acl public-read-write