Sample managecloud.yml.tmpl Template File

# aws config

provider: aws

aws_region: XXX

aws_availability: XXX

aws_subnetid: XXX

aws_sgid: XX

clustername: XXX

aws_vendor_key: XXX

aws_arn: XXX

# If the IAM role is not available then please provide access keys to allow instance to call aws API's.

# aws_access_key: XXXX

# aws_secret_key: XXXX

# azure config

azure_subnet: default

azure_location: XXX

azure_vnetname: XXX

azure_size: Standard_E16s_v3

azure_adminusername: XXX

azure_resourcegroup: XXX

azure_sshkey: XXX

azure_image: OpenLogic:CentOS:7.4:7.4.20180118

# cluster config

nodes: 0

cvms: 0


ssh_password: hedvig

replication_policy: RackUnaware

replication_factor: 3

admin_addr: admin@local.lab

admin_username: admin

from_addr: donotreply@local.lab

mail_addr: alerts@local.lab


email_interval: 1h

timezone: US/Pacific

dns_available: True

initial_install: True

transfer_hosts: False

lsitype: lsijbod

storage_interface: ''

smtp_host: gateway.local.lab

use_ntp: True

custom_drive_map: '/home/admin/'

# extra config

action: create_instance

name: defaultname

instance: default

count: default

volume: default

device: default

support_disk_name: defaultdisk1

support_disk_size: 80

nicname: default


premade: 0

img_cvm: ami-6a990d12

img_server: ami-af9a0ed7

img_deploy: ami-71264f09

img_eni_cvm: ami-df046da7

img_eni_server: ami-c26b02ba

_cvm: m4.2xlarge

type_deploy: m4.2xlarge

type_server: m4.10xlarge