Upgrading Clusters Non-disruptively

During a non-disruptive upgrade, each node in a cluster is upgraded one at a time.


  1. Download the latest Hedvig binaries, as described in Downloading Hedvig Software.

  2. Update the deployment server, as described in Setting Up Hedvig Deployment Servers.

  3. From the Hedvig Deployment Server:

    export HV_PUBKEY=1
  4. The next step depends on how much of the cluster you want to upgrade, from the entire cluster to only a part of it.

    • Upgrade entire cluster: This procedure upgrades the entire cluster, one node at a time, then the HA storage proxies, and then the non-HA storage proxies. If a storage node has an error, the script stops and prompts you to continue.

      /opt/hedvig/bin/upgrade_ndu.pl --cluster <cluster_name> --auto

    • Upgrade storage nodes only:

      /opt/hedvig/bin/upgrade_ndu.pl --cluster <cluster_name> --node –-auto

    • Upgrade HA storage proxies only:

      /opt/hedvig/bin/upgrade_ndu.pl --cluster <cluster_name> --ha –-auto

    • Upgrade non-HA storage proxies only:

      /opt/hedvig/bin/upgrade_ndu.pl --cluster <cluster_name> --nonha --auto

    • Upgrade specific storage node only:

      /opt/hedvig/bin/upgrade_ndu.pl --cluster <cluster_name> <nodefqdn> --auto

    • Upgrade specific HA storage proxy pair:

      /opt/hedvig/bin/upgrade_ndu.pl --cluster <cluster_name> <proxy_name1> <proxy_name2> --auto

HV Environment Variables