Installing the Commvault VTL 2.0 for IBM i Clients

Complete the necessary steps to set up the Commvault VTL 2.0 library.


  1. Verify that the VTL host and your environment meets the minimum requirements in Commvault VTL 2.0 requirements.

  2. Set up the prerequisite components needed to setup the Commvault VTL 2.0 library.

  3. Install the Commvault VTL 2.0 software on the VTL host.

  4. Open the Commvault VTL 2.0 Web Management Interface.

  5. Create a storage pool for iSeries.

  6. Assign the physical storage.

  7. Create the virtual tape library for iSeries.

  8. Add cartridges to the virtual tape library.

  9. OPTIONAL: Set up Access Control for Fiber Channel (FC).

  10. Configure the Commvault VTL 2.0 as an Emulated Tape Library.

What to Do Next

Once the Commvault VTL 2.0 library is configured, it supports most of the operations that are supported by actual tape libraries. Use the following sections for more information about the operation supported by tape libraries: