Microsoft SQL Server Requirements for Application-Based Backups

For Microsoft SQL Server, you can use the database agent to restore a database.

You can perform application-based backups for standalone deployments of Microsoft SQL Server, or for the primary replica in an AlwaysOn Availability Group as configured in SQL Management Studio. For more information, see Best Practices for Application-Based Backups for Microsoft SQL Server.

Application-based backups using the Virtual Server Agent are supported for the versions of SQL Server that are listed in Microsoft SQL Server, except for Windows Server 2003.

You cannot perform application-based backups for a 32-bit SQL server application on a 64-bit operating system.

Application Credentials

To perform backups and restores for SQL Server databases, SQL sysadmin rights are required.

Subclient Configuration

Include virtual machines running Microsoft SQL Server in a separate subclient under a Virtual Server instance.


Note: : Perform full or incremental backups for VM groups (subclients) that are configured for application-based backups. Synthetic full backups are not supported. Scheduled synthetic full backups are converted automatically to full backups for VM groups and subclients that are configured for application-based backups.

Log Truncation

For Microsoft SQL Server, an automatic log backup schedule is created automatically after you run an application-based backup successfully for the first time.

For application-based backups, different storage policies for data and for transaction logs are not supported. When application-based backup jobs run, the log storage policy is set to be the same as the data storage policy.