Configuring Snapshot Replication for Azure NetApp Files Volumes

To configure the Azure NetApp Files snapshot replication feature, you must create replication relationship between the source and destination volumes and set up replication parameters in Azure NetApp Files subscription. In the Commvault software, you then create the server plan, add snapshot copies to the server plan, and associate server plan to the subclient.


  1. Set up replication between the source volume in one region and the destination volume in another region. For more information, see the Cross-region replication of Azure NetApp Files volumes page on the Microsoft website.

  2. Create a server plan that contains a snapshot primary copy. See Creating a Server Plan and a Snapshot Primary Copy.

  3. Create the mirror copy. See Creating a Mirror Copy for Azure NetApp Files Volumes Replication.

  4. Assign the server plan with mirror copy to the Azure NetApp Files subclient. For more information, see Creating a Subclient for CIFS Shares of Azure NetApp Files and Creating a Subclient for NFS Exports of Azure NetApp Files.