Getting Started with Oracle RAC

Review each of the topics to get started with Oracle RAC.

Step 1: Obtain Your User Credentials and Database Protection Information

Obtain the following information from your backup administrator:

  • The Command Center URL

  • Your Command Center user credentials

  • The database name

Step 2: Log on to the Command Center

Access the Command Center by using the URL that was displayed on the installation completion page, or that you received from your backup administrator.

From the navigation panel, click Solutions > Databases > DB Instances.

Step 3: Complete the Database Application Setup Wizard

Configure the Database application by completing the DB Instances Setup Wizard.

Step 4: Perform the Initial Configuration

  1. Add the Oracle package to all the clients in the Oracle RAC cluster.

  2. Add an Oracle RAC database instance and Add Oracle RAC instances.

  3. Create an Oracle RAC subclient.

Step 5: Perform the Backup Operation and the Restore Operation

  1. Perform a full backup operation.

  2. Perform an in-place restore operation.