Installing the Service Pack on a Standalone CommCell Console

Applies to: CommCell Console on Windows clients

A standalone CommCell Console is a client computer with only the CommCell Console installed.

To update the CommCell Console client, you can run the service pack installation from the CommCell Console itself. You must update each CommCell Console client individually.

You can also use the installation package to update the CommCell Console client. For instructions, see Installing the Service Pack Locally on Windows Computers.


Hotfixes are installed when installing service packs. If you want to install hotfixes only, see Installing Hotfixes.

Before You Begin

  • The service pack must be installed on the CommServe computer.

  • The CommServe cache directory must contain the Commvault software, and the software version must be the same as the one installed on the CommServe computer. If the software is not available, see Downloading Software Using the CommCell Console.


  1. Perform one of the following operations to start the update process:

    • Restart the CommCell Console

      Close and reopen the console. After you log on to the console, the CommCell Console Update Information dialog box appears.

    • Check for updates

      From the CommCell Console ribbon, go to the Support tab and click Check for Updates. The CommCell Console Update Information dialog box appears.

  2. In the CommCell Console Update Information dialog box, click Yes.

    The CommCell Console proceeds to download the updates to the Software_Installation_Directory\GUICache directory.

  3. In the Warning dialog box, click OK.

    The service pack is installed on the CommCell Console. After the installation, the console will close and reopen automatically.


The CommCell Console client is updated with the same software version as the CommServe computer.


If the service pack installation failed on a client due to corrupt update files, go to the Software_Installation_Directory\GUICache directory, delete all of its contents, and then retry the service pack installation using one of the methods.