Running Manual Service Pack Installations

You can install the service pack manually on the CommServe, MediaAgents, and client computers by using one of the following methods.


Hotfixes are installed when installing service packs. If you want to install hotfixes only, see Installing Hotfixes.

Installing Remotely Using the CommCell Console

This is the most commonly used method to install service packs, and is available if the CommServe cache directory has the required Commvault software.

For instructions, see Installing the Service Pack Remotely Using the CommCell Console.


You can also use this method to save the installation task in a script that you can run silently from the command line.

Installing Locally Using the Installation Package

This method is available if an installation package was created from the Download Manager and published through a network share or DVD.

Based on your computer's operating system, see one of the following:

Installing Using the Download Manager (Windows Only)

This method is available if you have access to the Download Manager application. For instructions, see Installing the Service Pack Using the Download Manager.

Some clients in your CommCell environment might require specific instructions to install the service pack. Refer to the topics that apply to your environment: