Step 4: Configuring Solutions in the Command Center

After you complete the core setup, the Guided Setup page appears on the navigation pane of the Command Center.

On the Guided Setup page, you can configure backup and recovery for file servers, virtual machines, laptop computers and desktop computers, and databases. You can also configure applications such as Exchange Mailbox for a comprehensive solution for archiving and cleanup operations. Also, configure solutions such as Cloud apps to administer backup and recovery for cloud applications such as Google and Salesforce.

Before You Begin

Complete the Core Setup.


  1. From the navigation pane, go to Guided Setup.

    The Getting Started page appears.

  2. Configure solutions for data protection and recovery. Quickly set up your data protection environment, identify data to protect, and initiate and monitor backups and restores.


You are redirected to the page for the solution you configured. For example, when you configure the Endpoint solution, you are redirected to the Laptops page.