Adding a Virtual Disk For Distributed Storages With Replication Factor

You can create a Virtual Disk using the Distributed Storages to be added as storage library in Commvault software.

Before You Begin

Launch the Hedvig Web User-Interface (UI).


  1. On the Virtual Disk Management page, click Add Disk.

    embd_HedvigPreConfiguration (5)

  2. Select or enter the following information:

    • Name of the virtual disk. Note that this will be used as the export name for mounting the disk library on the MediaAgent.

    • Size of the virtual disk used for the disk library.

    • Disk Type should be set to NFS.

    • Workload Type should be set to Backup.

    • Encryption and Enable Deduplication should be disabled (turned-off).

    • Replication Factor should be set to 2.

    For more information about adding virtual disks, see Creating Virtual Disks.

  3. Click Run.

What to Do Next

Export the virtual disks, so that it can be shared with the proxy(s).