Configuring HTTPS for the Compliance Search Link from the Web Console

By default, the Compliance Search link on the Web Console dashboard does not open the site using secured access (HTTPS). To open the Compliance Search page with HTTPS from the Web Console dashboard, you must manually edit the web.xml configuration file on the Compliance Search host.

Before You Begin

Configure the SSL Connector for Tomcat Server.

About This Task

When you update the Compliance Search software, either by installing a service pack or new software version, the web.xml file is overwritten and your changes are lost. Therefore, after you install any updates on the Compliance Search host, you must repeat the following procedure to continue using HTTPS to open the Compliance Search page from the Web Console.


  1. On the Compliance Search host, stop the Commvault Tomcat service.

  2. Open your Commvault installation folder and then open /WebClient/WEB-INF/.

  3. In WEB-INF, use a text editor to open web.xml.

  4. Before the closing </web-app> tag, enter the following:

            <web-resource-name>Protected Context</web-resource-name>
  5. Open the Commvault installation folder and then open /Apache/.

  6. In Apache, rename the work folder to work_old.

  7. Restart the Commvault Tomcat service.