Getting Started with the DB2 Agent

Step 1: Review Requirements and Supported Features

Refer to the following information to learn more about the requirements for the DB2 Agent:

Step 2: Install the DB2 Database Agent

To set up your environment, you must install the DB2 Agent.

On Windows


Step 3: Configure Your Environment

  1. Open the CommCell Console.

  2. Configure a storage device.

  3. If you have not done so already, configure a storage policy.

  4. Configure the DB2 parameters. For more information, see DB2 Parameter Configuration.

  5. Discover the DB2 instances.

  6. Create a backup set. For more information, see DB2 Backup Sets.

  7. Create a DB2 database online subclient.

Step 4: Run the Check Readiness Report

You can use the Check Readiness report to verify that the client and MediaAgent are connected to the CommServe computer and that the database agents are properly configured to run backup and restore jobs. For more information, see Check Readiness for File System Clients and Database Clients - Overview.

Step 5: Perform Your First Backup and Restore Operation

Step 6: What to Do Next